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Relocating and restoring the elegance of this 1869 higher education institute as a learning destination is essential to realizing the vision of the Cedar Valley Seminary Foundation. By preserving the past, the vision is to embrace leaders of high values and ethics who began their formative years in the heartland. Using interactive displays and memorabilia, the Cedar Valley Seminary Foundation will actively engage and educate leaders - for now and for the future. 
Senator Mike Johanns
Senator Mike Johanns will provide the Cedar Valley Seminary Foundation an opportunity to showcase his past leadership from City Councilman to Mayor to Governor to US Secretary of Agriculture to a seat in the United States Senate.
William 'Bill' Fox
William 'Bill' Fox  will provide the Cedar Valley Seminary Foundation memorabilia that will showcase his past leadership from the Skunkworks design team that developed the highly classified Blackbird program where Bill developed the flight simulator and became involved with nearly every system on the highly classified Blackbird Aircraft. 
Displaying Memorabilia of Leaders